Loved this B & B Upcountry Maui in Kula, I Took Some Photographs & Video with My Canon T2i.
Maui Sights

Maui Sights

Maui in 2006.

Maui is like a country unto itself. Each Island has these characteristics expressed in a unique flavor. Maui changes rapidly when you travel and sometimes even when you don’t. Every few miles brings a completely different landscape and feel. From tropical rainforest to desert landscapes- you’re only a few hours away from either one. Clouds, winds, rain, sun and of course the ocean change from place to place and from hour to hour.

My last year of shooting in program or auto modes began in this year of 2006, I started learning to use either aperture mode or fully manual shooting. I still use aperture when lighting changes rapidly between shots, such as a pool party or outdoor event where people are moving or different people are in much different lighting from person to person.


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